Welcome to Mira Loma Dance Marathon 2010! We are extremely excited that you are considering to dance and/or volunteer. Being a Mira Loma Dance Marathoner will be one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of your life.

While the 6 hours of MLDM10 are certainly Mira Loma’s biggest, best party, there is a lot of work that must be done in the months and weeks leading up to MLDM10, by us and by you! This page will serve as a major resource for all things MLDM10 and should provide valuable information to help you make the most of your MLDM10 experience.

Also, hopefully you have noticed that volunteerism and service are a large part of MLDM10. We highly encourage you to get involved in one of the MLDM10 committees.

If you have any questions about volunteering or all the other important information contained here (or not contained here), do not hesitate to contact any of our committee members. Remember, MLDM10 is not just a 6 hour event, it is a months long commitment and experience. Get excited and have fun.

We are looking forward to dancing, and hope you are too!

How To Get Involved

So you want to be involved in the Mira Loma Dance Marathon 2010? There are many ways to get involved:

  1. DANCE! There is no better way to participate in MLDM10 than being on the front line.
  2. Be on a MLDM10 Committee. It is not easy throwing Mira Loma’s biggest and baddest philanthropy. We need everyone’s help. Click here to learn about DM committees.
  3. Volunteer. MLDM10 has organized many volunteer opportunities. Please contact any of the committee leads to volunteer. Click Here for the Volunteer Application.
  4. Join the MLDM Google Group. Joining the MLDM Google Group is probably the best way to stay informed about everything MLDM10. We send out bi-weekly updates with everything that you need to know. Sign up below.
  5. Attend MLDM10 Events. There are many MLDM10 events through the next few months. Join the Google Group and add us to your Google Calendar.
  6. Check the website. Stay informed by checking the website. Also be sure to check out our Beneficiary Page to learn about our Beneficiaries, UC Davis Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network.
  7. Follow us. Follow us on Twitter and become a fan of MLDM10 on Facebook.

Why Dance In DM?

MLDM09 dancers got to spend 6 hours of fun dancing, singing, and partying with fellow Mira Loma students at the beginning of the winter break, all while a helping great cause. Here are some other reasons we think you will love dancing and participating in Mira Loma Dance Marathon:

Could there be a better way to start your winter break? We do not think so!


In order to dance, you must raise a minimum of $25. Sound like a lot? No way! We understand that the number $25 may seem daunting, but we have complete faith in you! Start with $10 from you, ask your parents to donate $10, and one of your friends to pitch in another $5 - and you have already achieved your minimum!

Below are some different ways to go above and beyond for our beneficiaries:


Canning is probably the most social and fun way of making money for Mira Loma Dance Marathon! The act of canning involves donning a bright MLDM10 bib, grabbing a DM can, and hitting the streets of your neighborhood to ask complete strangers to support MLDM09. Contact the Fundraising Committe for further details on locations and dates.

Letter Writing

A tried-and-true method of fundraising for MLDM10, letter writing to family and friends is surely one of the easiest ways to bring in the bank. Make sure to include descriptions of MLDM10, our beneficiaries and yourself (maybe even the organization you are dancing with) in all of your letters, and be sure to make them as personal as possible.

This can all be done with ease from the comfort of your desk chair, bed, futon, or wherever else you may decide to sit.

A sample solicitation letter can also be found on the left side of this page.

Online Donations

MLDM’s vote for most-underrated form of fundraising surely goes to Online Donations. MLDM10 will soon open online donations, which makes donations to your cause even easier for family, friends, and anyone who wants to give you money.

Fundraising Incentives

We have always loved seeing the energy and motivation that Mira Loma students have for MLDM10, so it’s only natural that we reward those that have even more energy and motivation than the rest. Incentive levels will be published here soon!

Fundraising Prizes

Great prizes for the top fundraising will be announced soon!

Day of Dance Marathon!

More information regarding the 6 hours of Dance Marathon 2009 will be available as we get closer to December 18th.

Check back here later for info regarding:

Dancer Registration

The best way to have lots of fun while raising funds for a worthy cause is to dance at the Mira Loma Dance Marathon. The much awaited registration for dancers is now open!


Print the packet, have the two forms signed by a parent and bring your registration money ($25 cash only) to Room D-2 at Lunch. Both forms need to be turned in with the registration fee to complete your registration. You will receive an email once your registration is complete.