Diet and Fitness

Diet and Fitness

One of the important parts of being able to dance for a long time without killing yourself is being in good fitness and eating a healthy diet every day. So I decided that the best way to overview this section of the website would be to cover some of my own views on the subject of fitness.

But not just any old fitness. I'm talking smart fitness, or that kind of fitness that you only get when you play it sensible when you want to dance 'til you drop, without dropping!

Start at the Gym

at the gym

By Shustov (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

You see, anyone can go to the gym and get an instructor to show them how to work out a routine with all the different apparatus and even work out a set program for using them all. That's one way of doing it and I'm not saying it's wrong, cause its absolutely one of the right ways to do it if you have the time and the determination to work hard at it. Then you'll see some really good results for sure.

>But most folks will get to the gym and be all fired up about how they're going to lose all this weight and get really fit and when it comes to getting started. They have to start slow of course and they get bored with that cause they all want to be doing 100 reps on a big machine and the instructor is trying to tell them they can't do that yet.

You know, you have to build up to that level gradually, but too many folks don't want to do that, they want it now! Wanting it now and not getting it means they lose interest real fast and before you know it they start skipping a day here and there and then more and soon you don't see them any more cause they went back to their TV sets and their pizzas and soda. Shame.

Other Fitness Alternatives

For folks that don't want to go that route, there is another way and that's to get fit by enjoying doing an activity that doesn't seem like its working out, but gets you out of breath and tired all the same. You know some of those things already, like meeting with some friends at the local pool and having races to see who can swim a length the fastest or who can do the most lengths.

It's tough work but because it's fun, it doesn't seem like working out! Or like taking your dog for a long walk where he wants to go charging off down the street like a mad thing and its all you can do to keep from tripping over your own feet!

Yeah, these things are just part of every day life, like having to run up the stairs to turn off a faucet you left on in the bathroom, or to answer your cell phone you left in the bedroom. Things like having to run down the street to catch a bus, or take the stairs at work because the elevator broke down. They get you out of breath but you don't think they are working out because you're not in a gym and you're not wearing a track suit!

Eating the Right Food

Aside from making sure your body is strong, fit and in great shape on the outside, you also have to make sure it is all those things and more on the inside. You do that by eating and drinking the right foods and liquids that are in harmony with what your body wants and needs.

I'm not talking about a low calorie weight busting diet like most people get into and then fail at some point for some reason. I'm talking about a healthy outlook and a sensible eating plan that will provide your body with all the nutrients it needs as well as avoiding all the man-made artificial additives and toxins that seem to ne loaded into just about everything you buy at the store these days.

Be sensible, read the label if you're not sure or better still, just don't buy packaged foods at all. Get all your food in its original form: fresh from the fruit and vegetable counter and learn to prepare and cook your own meals. You'll be surprised at what you can come up with and how great it can taste when it's not marred by artificial garbage that food manufacturers expect us all to eat and enjoy!

These real life situations can be turned into real life fitness boosters that you can fit in with your day. Like in the morning, before you get in the shower, try running up and down the stairs a few times. Or take your dog out for a walk and try and walk faster than him for a change! You know when you're exerting yourself and making your muscles work cause you sweat some and get out of breath and its good for you to do that a few times every day!

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